More about the Subscription ...

One-time 20 € (Depending on the method of payment, possibly + 5-10%), there are no monthly fees, annual fees, hidden costs!

What do you get for that amount?

More 100, more € 1,000 Education and Services packages.

Still, more?

    Educational package: From the basics to the intermediate and advanced levels! Regularly maintained, developed, updated, thematically structured Education! Constantly translated into more and more languages! (Please note that we have just started! We are constantly working on improvements!)
    Basic Cryptographic Services: (Later! We are constantly working on improvements!)
        One that can't be found anywhere,
        One that does, but can't be used well,
        And something that is there and can be used properly, but you have to register on 10-20-50-80 different websites and services to access them all, find them, install countless applications on your phone, computer ...
        You can find them in one place here!
    Additional Cryptographic Services (Later! We are constantly working on improvements!)
    Basic Crypto Market News, Extended News (Later! We are constantly working on improvements!)
    Basic Trading Signals (Later! We are constantly working on improvements!)
    ICO / DeFi Tips (Later! We're constantly working on improvements!)
    Basic-Trader-Robot (Later! We are constantly working on improvements!)

What's not included: (These will only be available in the second phase with a separate subscription!)

(All such Extra services will be Micro-Transaction! We will not raise their fees to the skies, it will be affordable for everyone! We are constantly working on improvements!)

    Special analysis services,
    Featured Cryptographic Services!
    Featured Crypt Market News!
    Trading Signals (Medium and Pro level!)
    Pro-Merchant Robots, along several - optional - strategies!
    more surprises ...


How to quickly get your subscription back?

Once you have registered and paid for the right to use, you will receive an Affiliate link and number!
If you invite two people who buy the right to use the platform in the same way, you will become eligible for an Affiliate! This will be a little over € 400, which the system manages under a Smart contract!
So it’s not up to us to decide if you get it and when, it comes from here!

No right-ball feet, networking ...

Obviously, the system counts how many will register after you and how many thanks to you, but you do NOT have to do anything else, you are eligible from now on!
Of course, if you bring in more people, payouts will be faster, any reward system like this!

We spend more on this than on advertising!
How It Works?

To put it simply:
Like queuing at a checkout.
He who pays first is ahead, whoever is after, is backward.
75% of everyone’s deposits will be set aside in a reserve fund, of which payments will be made according to strict mathematics.
This is governed by a smart contract. (You can read more about this soon by clicking HERE!)

With this solution, you get the Affiliate even if the people you bring are not brought to anyone!
In this case, only They will not receive an Affiliate! ;)

Clearly, everyone gets it much faster if everyone completes the 2-2 brought in!


(To be continued...)