We are working on the start


There is a slight delay in starting the project,

testing of G4U (Greens4U) Tokens has shown that the ETH (ERC-20) network is currently unsuitable for our purposes, as the high level of network charges (Fee) makes low-value micro-transactions impossible, and we definitely want to make it available make our project for small investors too!
We continue to insist that it is possible (And it makes sense!) To buy a Token for up to € 1.
This ETH network is currently up to € 8-52 Fee pay, which is nonsense!

Based on our decision, we will migrate our finished token to the Tron (TRX) network, so we will create a Fork from it before it is issued!

In addition, use of this site will also be possible with a Coin payment of € 20 (+ 5-10% depending on the type of deposit!), Which is also not maintained on the current ETH network or the Affiliate Program managed by the smart contract!
At the moment, a large part of the payments would be consumed by the ETH network fee!
Thus, out of compulsion, we migrate both of our smart contracts to the TRX (Tron) network before departure!

Our plans are that maybe we can leave at the end of March!