Affiliate Program

The educational platform is ready,

(currently under test and working on uploading content!)
linking registration and SmartContract under development!




In the first round, there will be a limited option for a closed community, at least until the site actually launches, in conjunction with our Affiliate Program!
The Affiliate program will be embedded in CmartContract, so it will pay out automatically when the conditions are met! :)

During the development, we studied a number of working Affiliate and MLM payment systems, (And of course we studied the causes of insolvency in a number of non-functioning models !!!) in order to apply with a really strong payment system!

Strengths we've built in: (These are pretty much only blocked by BlockChain Technology, SmartContractors!)

  • An automated system that pays automatically when conditions are met
  • Transparent, controllable accounting system
  • It is uncorrupt

Strengths that are for you speak in favor of the system:

  • Rule 80-20: 80% of deposits are paid in some form! Only 20% of it becomes the property of the owner - the operator of the platform - a good part of which is spent on operation and development! This payment POOL is handled by the Smart Contract !!!
  • Lots of free tutorials for beginners and advanced,
  • Countless Free Crypto Services! Most of these don’t exist, some exist, but they don’t work properly and countless work well, but you need to register in 20-60-80 or more places to install a bunch of apps on your phone and / or computer to get them all!
    Our goal is to gather all the important, good and accessible things under one platform under continuous improvement!
  • Crypto TIPS Supported by Artificial Intelligence (Later Development!)
  • A.I. merchant robot (Able to pre-program and use self-built Strategies! - Later development!)
  • ICO and DeFi monitor!
  • Countless others, be surprised! (Secret for now!)
  • Very few, PREMIUM PAID SERVICES! (These are services available with weekly / monthly / annual fees! 20-40% of these revenues will also go to the payment POOL!)

Affiliate is a specially designed, custom-developed system!
There is no traditional Right Foot, Left Foot structure, so pyramid layout is SEM, however, we were able to incorporate the (at least) two people personally brought in as a positive!
In practice, the system works like queuing at the checkout! Whoever comes later will stand behind the others and everyone who comes after him is already behind him, thus "pushing" him forward!

The huge flaw of traditional BINARY SYSTEMS is that in practice it is not able to work the way it promises, as there is always somewhere 1-1 feet, which is weak, does not perform, one side lags, so the system does not pay! It’s just putting in a tremendous amount of work, bringing in new people, (It’s not uncommon for a payout to register many, many accounts themselves) to make payments happen!

Our Affiliate System is unique, if someone doesn’t work, the system “bypasses” but doesn’t keep others up!

Whoever brings connectors (Two is needed!) Has done what is necessary to run the contract!
If you have brought people who are hardworking and everyone brings the 2 people they need, then the conditions will be met quickly!
If not, the contract will also run, although payment will be slower!
Even then, the personal POOL is recharged, but more slowly for less personal work ...
..but whoever pays and brings the required minimum of 1 person also has a payment! (60% !!!)

Required minimum contract:

  • Join (€ 20 deposit to SmartContract!)
  • Minimum 1 person (60%!) Recommendation with connection (20 € deposit to SmartContract!), Recommended 2 Main recommendation with connection (2 x 20 € deposit to SmartContract!)

After that, all you have to do (Obviously!) Is use the Platform and wait for the payment! Learn and apply what you have learned and services!