Affiliate Program

The educational platform is ready, (currently under test and working on uploading content!) linking registration and SmartContract under development!       In the first round, there will be a limited option for a closed community, (...)

Launch of Education Platform

The Education Platform is expected to launch soon, we are under test operation!   Hopefully we can make it available during August and September! (...)


More about the Subscription ... One-time 20 € (Depending on the method of payment, possibly + 5-10%), there are no monthly fees, annual fees, hidden costs! What do you get for that (...)

Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide ... How to invest in Bitcoin, what BlockChain and other CryptoCurrencies are. A more breathtaking writing will be completed soon, which will prepare those who have no, little, or (...)

We are working on the start

There is a slight delay in starting the project, testing of G4U (Greens4U) Tokens has shown that the ETH (ERC-20) network is currently unsuitable for our purposes, as the high level (...)